About Thoughtcrew

We develop new customers, markets and products

for large organisations focusing on the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare sectors

through new thinking, new ways of working and the process of change

using a bio-enabled transformation technology

supported by a small world collaboration network

We help you do a great job creating and managing change. As a senior manager or business owner that has been successful in their career to date, we work with you to provide that additional specialist support so you can deliver a world-class change in your business. Our clients particularly welcome the out-of-the-box thinking we can help develop, using our bio-enabled transformation technology. This allows you, as change leader, to bring together a wide range of stakeholders and get alignment between the strategy and the practicality of delivering successful change

Business Transformation

Our approach to business transformation is to take an integrated approach from business purpose to IT. We join forces with your existing people to ensure that the change is managed, everything from verifying the strategy, putting together the business model to making sure the IT teams deliver the appropriate functionality.

Processes & People

Using our extensive expertise we can work with your team to design and deliver integrated processes and people that drive efficiency and effectiveness

We take an holistic approach linking strategy to purpose, process to strategy, job roles to process and technology to the requirement s of the job roles. Everything from what are we trying to do down to the standard operating procedure needed to get it. Ideal if you need to be compliant.

Thoughtcrew Limited