Free Biomimetics Session

Free biomimetics session

Because the application of biomimetics to innovation and change management is so leading edge we have decided to offer a free of charge* session to management and project teams that are looking to make a step change in their business performance.

This interactive session will explore the new bio-enabled technologies available to managers and provide a taster for those looking for something extra in innovation and change management.


  • Introduction to biomimetics
  • Business Biomimetics Tools
  • Case studies from global brands
  • An opportunity to apply one of the tools

To book a session please complete the following booking request

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*the following terms and conditions apply

1 There is no obligation on anyone or any business taking part in the session

2 The session will be held in Bath, Somerset, UK. Expenses will be payable for sessions held at any other location

3 The session is only available for management or project teams

4 Thoughtcrew can decide not to run a free session