Developing commercial leadership

Thoughtcrew provides a fully bespoke service to clients. Each project is approached afresh by listening to the challenge, probing to understand the underlying issues and then tailoring the support to focus directly on delivering value. Over time we have found that the needs and wants of our clients have changed. As a result we believe that providing a fixed menus of services, organised into practices or industries no longer works. Instead we have grouped what we do into themes to provide a structured way of working and avoiding the trend to stick  to a fixed and limiting method. Because we want to deliver value as quickly as possible we have provided the following service themes for 2013.

Transformation review – do you need help review

So What? – our post implementation audit

Partnering – for stakeholder engagement and alignment

BT- full scale change management

BITL – bring innovation to life (innovation process)

Biomimetics workshop – an introduction to biomimetics and biomimicry for business

Executive coach – personalised support for managers and executives

Business model design – integrating the strategy, processes and organisation design

Consultative selling – business development, sales and marketing for consultants and consulting teams

To help see what we would be like to work with we offer the Transformation Review and the Biomimetics Workshop free of charge. There are some simple terms and conditions that apply. To book one of these experiences please get in touch