Change champion

You may already be familiar with using a part time FD or a part time HR director for your business, division or team. In times of increased competition and the constant need to change you also need a senior member of your management team who has expertise in strategy development, change management and implementation. Your choices are to hire in a full time director, to use external consultants or to add this to an existing director’s responsibility. With the fully loaded salary costs of an employee likely to be £150K per year and consultants charging up to £2000 a day most businesses choose to do increase the workload across the existing executive team.
Thoughtcrew offers part time strategy and change directors for a fraction of the full time salary costs or consulting fees. We only use experienced experts who have substantial strategy and change experience in ‘big business’.
As a part time strategy and change director we would bring all the skills and experiences to your team so that you can have high performing strategy and change management skills as part of your team on the basis that suits your business.
Our best work is done by being in constant touch with your business and it’s challenges. We can then respond to the changing demands and provide tailored support as you need it.