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Consultative selling by Thoughtcrew

Consultative selling by Thoughtcrew

If you run a consulting team you are likely to be facing the 9 key challenges of consulting. Typically there are two types of consultant, process consultants and subject matter experts. Process consultants, provide facilitation, research, analysis and problem solving support. Subject matter expert consultants provide deep expertise in a topic and usually have a complimentary range of process skills. In many cases there is a real need to build the selling skills of the team. And subject matter expert teams seem to benefit the most. Our deep experience in creating, developing and growing consulting teams is that there are 9 key challenges outside the actually delivery of the services that need addressing.

  1. Qualification
  2. Understanding the stakeholders
  3. Prioritisation
  4. Planning
  5. Leadership
  6. What are we selling?
  7. Relationship management 
  8. Customer Intimacy
  9. Sales Process

Our tailored consultative selling courses coupled with out train-the-trainer coaching enable consulting teams to build the capability to address these 9 key challenges. For a number of client we have become their consultative selling business partner – providing continual training and coaching at their operations around the world. Our initial two day course will change how your consultants sell.

Typical client needs:-

  • We have a technology consulting team and we want to grow our existing account business
  • We have a specialised consulting group and need to sell more services
  • We are expanding the team
  • We are struggling to balance sales and delivery
  • We need to boost the skills of our consulting managers to grow our business
  • We have a small team of experts and need a ‘virtual’ consulting manager
  • we want to set up a consulting team to support our software products